All Sunday School and Children’s Church Classes MOVE UP Sunday!


Don’t forget that Sunday all the kids are moving up!  For those who are using the KidCheck program with your kids, please look at the previous post about what you need to do on Sunday.  We will be around in the morning to help if you need it!  So don’t worry to much.  Hope to see everyone smiling and ready to go with a new year of learning about God!

Steve Blackston

Moving On Up!

Alright parents the big move is on the way!  On Sunday, August 4th, your kids will be moving up to their new classes in Sunday School and Children’s Church.  This will require YOU to make the adjustment in KidCheck when you check in your kids.  When you log in and see the list of your kids you will see the class they are in now.
kidcheck sample
Simply click on the class they are in and then when the drop down menu appears, click on the class they are going into.
kidcheck sample 2
Once that is done, just click on finish and you are done for another year!

If you have any questions, just ask anyone who is working at the front desk on Sunday and we will help you out.

Steve Blackston
4:12 Ministries Children’s Church Director
Mountain View Baptist Church