Mountain 252

Welcome to Mountain 252, the Elementary School Ministry of Mountain View Baptist Church!  Our Elementary School  Ministry has been designed to provide a safe and loving environment for your child while you are in Sunday School and Worship.  Our leaders give special attention to each child that is entrusted in their care.  It is our goal to make every child feel that church is a happy and safe place to be.  We want them to know that JESUS loves them and so do we!

Our Mountain 252 program uses a curriculum from Orange.  The Orange 252 program is designed to incite wonder, provoke discovery and fuel passion in the hearts of sons and daughters so they can see God for who He is, the way that God sees them and love others the way God does.  It is a program that combines church leaders, kids and parents to teach the children in a different way than before.

Security Policy
The Mountain 252 Ministry follows a strict policy in order to provide ultimate safety while in our care.  One way we ensure your child’s safety is making sure he or she only leave with the proper adult.  When you check your child into Mountain 252, you will receive a security label.  You must have this security label to pick up your child.  In the event your child needs you during the service, please keep your phone on vibrate so we may call you or we will flash the number of your security tag on the screen.

Child Wellness Policy
We ask that children who show any signs of illness such as persistent cough, fever, ect.  not attend a Mountain 252 class.  We want to keep our Mountain 252 kids as healthy as we can, we love to share Jesus, but not sickness!

Arrival and Pickup
We ask that you never leave your child unattended at any time.  To protect the environment of your child’s classroom, we also ask that you do not enter your child’s room.  Please allow your child’s teacher to receive your child at the check in station.  You will check your child in using our computer system.  Your child will receive a name tag to be placed on their back and you will receive the security label to be presented at pickup.

Children are promoted to the next class at the discretion of the Mountain 252 Director.  The Mountain 252 5th Grade class will graduate once a year to the Youth classes on the first Sunday in August.

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