Children’s Church Volunteers

You Are Awesome!

Ladies and Gents I want to thank you for being the heart and soul of the Children’s Ministry at Mountain View.  I get to stand up in the front, but it is because of the dedicated volunteers that allow me to stand on their shoulders.  You people are the best I could ask and hope for.  Thank you for giving your time, talents, patience, and love to OUR kids.

When am I scheduled to volunteer?

If you can not be in your class during the scheduled day, please see if there is someone else that you can swap with! If you are using the Ministry Scheduler Pro app, you just log in and request a sub for that upcoming day.  You can also setup a profile of when you can not work so we will know not to schedule you for that time.  It’s really helpful if you keep your profile up to date.  If you want to see your current schedule, check your profile, or update anything, click here.

Active KidCheck Account?

Listen Guys and Gals, I need you to have a functioning KidCheck account!  It is not that hard.  Just click on the link below and set one up, please.  You should be wearing your name tag each week your teaching and it gives me another way to pass along information to you.  Thank you ~ Steve



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