End Of The Summer Program CHANGE!!!

Okay guys we are having to make a change due to the weather! We will now be inside and conquering a castle as a brave knight and bouncing with Snow White! Just because the weather has changed, the fun and learning will not. So come on and have some bouncing fun and enjoyable learning!

End of Summer Program Night

Davis & Co. InflatablesWe will be playing in the water and sliding through the night as the Summer Program for this year comes to an end. This coming Wednesday night, July 31st, will be the last Summer Program night before we start on AWANA! So come on and get ready to slip and slide and have fun learing God’s word!

Scavenger Hunt

scavenger huntCalling all super sleuths! You are invited to come and help out on a scavenger hunt. We will be in search of many things and seeking out God’s word along the way. So come prepared on Wednesday night at 7, to find the clues and your way through the Bible!

Game Night Winners!!

Here are the results from Game Night!!Game Night

Tic-Tac-Toe : Caroline Roberts

Dots : Ethan Blackston

Football : Hunter Evans

2 Time Gym Dash : Hunter Evans at 39.8 seconds

I am thankful for growing number of kids each night! Tonight we learned about how Adam & Eve broke the rules in the beginning. But God had the ultimate game saving move all ready to go. Not only did Jesus save the game, but he can save us as well, and when that happens, we are all winners!