Ahhhh….. Home Sweet Home!

It was a wonderful week of praising and learning about God at CentriKid this past week! The kids were absolutely great and you parents have a lot to be thankful for. We are registering for camp again next year and want to take more back with us, so spread the word! We will be showing a DVD of camp next Sunday night, June 30th at 6:00 for all the parents and those who want to know about what was done at camp. I look forward to seeing you there.

Wednesday at CentriKid

WOW!!  What a day!  Today’s theme was “God With Us at All Times : Holy Spirit”  Just as the cloud and fire directed and protected the Israelites, the Holy Spirit is with us to direct and protect us.

We have hit the half way point through camp and some of us are feeling it!  The kids have been going strong and having fun.  We have only had one get sick and after a full day of sleeping, he is doing much better.

Here are a few photos of what has been happening today!

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Tuesday at Centrikid

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Today we talked about “God With Us on Earth : Jesus”  Just like the tabernacle showed that God was with His people, Jesus came to live with us and show us how to live with God.

It has been a great day and the first full day of camp.  The kids got to start their track times today and I got some photos of them.  I will try to make it to each class through out the week.  I will be posting to Twitter and Instagram.  Both of the accounts are MV412Ministries, so follow and check us out.

The last one of the boys is finally going through the shower and they are about to be put to bed!  No nice Mr. Steve tonight.  The kids have been doing great and the questions they have seem never to end.  But I am seeing a change in personality as the week goes on.  The quiet and shy are becoming more outspoken and chatty and the already loud, are louder.  After church group time tonight, I took the kids to the front lawn and we chased lighting bugs for a while and got a few photos.

We will update you on Wednesday as the chaperon’s celebrate the halfway point!