Sunday is Parent’s Day

Ever wonder what is being taught in Children’s Church on Sunday Morning?? Well come on back and find out! Sunday is the first Sunday of the month and it’s Parent’s Day! So come on back to the Outback and hang out with your kids to learn about forgiveness this month!

See you there!

Steve Blackston
Children’s Pastor
Mountain View Baptist Church



Great Event Coming Up!

Hey guys here is some of the information of the upcoming debate between Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis) and Bill Nye (the Science Guy).  I have been talking to the kids about this in Children’s Church and AWANA.  These are two of the foremost leaders in creationism and evolution.  This will be an event that many people will hopefully be able to watch.  So keep a check on the site to see what will happen.

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CentriKid 2014 is Coming!!! Are You Going?


It is time to start getting things ready for summer camp this year and I am excited to say that we are going to CentriKid 2014!! This will be our third year of attending a CentriKid camp and each year has been a blast! Here is a bit of what you can expect. CKbulletin

I will be having a meeting with parents of kids that are wanting to go to camp on January 19th right after the morning service in the chapel. I will cover the cost breakdown of camp, transportation, what to bring, the schedule, events, and other things.

So, if you are ready to get going, now is the time!



I am excited to announce that starting this Sunday we will have a Pre-K class starting during the Early Worship (8:30) at Mountain View! This is in the beginning stages and will need some help and support as we pick up speed. Once we get this class going smoothly, I plan to open up other classes as the teacher base grows.

If there is anything that you need or if you have any concerns, please feel free to call or text me at anytime.

Steve Blackston
Children’s Pastor
Mountain View Baptist Church


AWANA Role Reversal Night

This Wednesday night will be a different kind of night in AWANA. We are having ROLE REVERSAL night! You come dressed up as your favorite leader and you get to swap places with them for the night! We will also be celebrating Jesus’s Birthday as we have the last AWANA night for the year! So come and be ready to have some big reversal fun!

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