Acting Up?

Have you ever been called out for being a bit rowdy? Have you ever had the proverbial “shh” sprayed at you because you’re a bit too loud? Well, if you have, we have something in common, and if you haven’t, then we’ve got to work on your presentation. Hehe! Pastor Rex had to scold me a little for my, let’s just say, slightly quick driving. ☺ All kidding aside, we find ourselves reading from the book of Acts, and the disciples are “acting up.” At the very least, the world believes them to be acting up. Actually they were making things right by spreading the gospel. The Word of God challenges us to be more than pew potatoes. It pushes us to be more than just “servants.” We are to be sacrificing servants. Please take the time to answer these questions, or you can comment on our lesson this morning. I will respond each day and change the questions to reflect our lesson each week. God bless you all!!!

  1. Do you consider yourself a “turn it upside down” person? Why or why not?
  2. What do you need God to do in you to motivate such a transformation?

Feel free to ask questions about our lesson.


5 responses to “Acting Up?”

  1. Ron perry Avatar
    Ron perry

    Question #1. Until recently …no. Although saved and baptized at an early age… adult years were consumed by chasing a career which God richly blessed……until October of 2012. While on a return flight from Europe God revealed to me that I had been neglecting the most important aspects of life…my family and serving Him. For the last six months God has been turning my life upside down, in a very positive sense, preparing me, my heart to serve and minister to others…….so as of today……yes….Let’s Do This.

    Question # 2. God is providing me direction daily as I seek His will in my life. My prayer is that I prove to be worthy of His calling.

    1. Ryan Christopher Avatar
      Ryan Christopher

      Brother, yours seems to be the case with many Christians, including myself. Somehow we tend to put off the spiritual in order to pursue our dreams. It’s almost like putting off having children for the sake of having stuff. Some folks are good at juggling all of it, but they still end up lacking intimacy with God! I am so glad to see that God has brought you close again and that you’re fired up!!!! Ryan

    2. ryan christopher Avatar
      ryan christopher

      Ron, I responded to this earlier today, so it seems there may be a little problem with the blog. We’ll fix those problems:) God is constantly preparing His people. A select few are chosen to be the radical remnant. I pray that he uses us to transform our culture!!! Thanks for your post

  2. Tami Boyle Avatar
    Tami Boyle

    I was not able to attend the class (as i wipe tears away) but I am so pumped and excited for future classes I will. Chris let me know all about the class and how powerful it was… exciting… and how much he is really going to enjoy it! Of course I may have to hog tie him every other week so that I can come! I think for me…. I was not a turn it upside down / inside out person in my past. The more excited I get about the things I know God is done and has done… and will do in my life the more excited I have gotten about sharing that with the world. Thanks for igniting our fires for Christ!

    1. ryan christopher Avatar
      ryan christopher

      I hope we all take the time to start a few “fires” in our communities. I believe the future holds some stepping out of our comfrt zone. Hang on tight! God is working:)

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