MV412Ministries PSA

MV412Ministries Covid-19 PSA

Parents / Guardians,

The past few weeks have been just a bit unprecedented to say the least. On March 17th I began doing online classes for the kids in AWANA and then Sunday Morning classes. During that time we have all learned a lot about what is going on with the virus that has changed many things that we take for everyday happenings.

However, I am about to change things us again, starting on May 24th, there will be an 11:00 morning Children’s Church Service. There will be distancing in place. There will be fun had. There will be the Word of God preached. I have placed a quick list of things I need you to talk to your children about before they come to class. Most of all, I need you to watch the video below so we are on the same page and you know what to expect from me.

MV412Ministries PSA
MV412Ministries PSA

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me. Text, phone, smoke signals, air horns, or signal flares are acceptable. Just let me know on the last three before you do them. I look forward to seeing you and your kids at church when you are comfortable and understand what we will be doing.


Steve Blackston – Children’s Pastor at Mountain View Baptist Church – Thomaston, GA







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