eb3cdc75ce98a2a476e1f870cf302789Words can not express how impressed I have been with this camp! When Chet and I made a trip up to The Wilds to see it one day and night, we were surprised on the teaching of the Gospel. However, after actually being here for two days now, I am completely blown away at the organization, attention to detail, politeness, and the complete submersion into the Gospel of Jesus Christ in everything that I have seen the campers in! Parents, I also want to let you know that your kids are being outstanding as well. I have talked to many counselors and only heard good things.

This will be the camp that I bring kids back to next year, and the next year…and you got it I think. To make that easier on the parents, my wife and I have talked about an option that I will be implementing. Starting when I get back, I will start taking monthly deposits for camp next year! This would be $30 a month per child per month. That of course would be $360 and would cover the deposit (due in February), the camp, the bundle (lanyard, t-shirt, photo), food there and back, fuel, and a bit of spending money! We could still do a lunch or two, but would make it easier on everyone as well.

I will continue to send out photos and let you know what is going on as the week progresses.


Steve Blackston
Children’s Pastor

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  1. Thanks Steve! We pray everyone comes back renewed, refreshed and full of the Holy Ghost!! Have fun and keep posting 🙂

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