Backpack Mission Update

People have been asking what is needed to help get things ready for the backpack mission that we are doing. Well, this is what is happening and when!

October 19th 3:00 ~ 5:15

  1. We will sort the backpacks that have been turned in according to age and boy/girl.
  2. With thing that have been given to us, we need to also pack some backpacks.
  3. We will make a list of items that are needed to finish out any existing backpacks.

October 26th 3:00 ~ 5:15

  1. Finish packing the backpacks that needed other items.
  2. Box up the backpacks according to age and boy/girl.
  3. Place the Christmas Story and monthly devotions in the Bibles that will be given out.

December 6th

6:00 AM load up on the church busses or private vehicles and get ready for God to move in your life.  If you have have not signed up for a job while there or to let me know that you are riding the bus, please click here to get that done

8:00 PM or close to it, arrive back at the church!

If you still have questions, please let me know.
Steve Blackston
Children’s Pastor








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