Appalachian Trail Copper Basin Crisis Center Mission 2014

Ladies and Gentelmen,

Here is the details for the Copper Basin Crisis Center Mission Project that we are doing this year.  We will be going to the Crisis Center on Saturday, December 6th.  We will be leaving the church at 6:00 AM since this is a 3 hour trip.  The goal is to have things setup and going by 10:00.  We will be leaving around 4:00 and coming back to the church.

Cooper Basin Crisis Center
Cooper Basin Crisis Center

There is a form shown below that will allow you to sign-up and select what you would like to do while at the Crisis Center.  I need each person to sign-up with a position prior to going.  If a family of 4 is going to go, I need 4 people to have signed up.  This way I will know how many seats we need on the bus.

One last thing! We are going on a trip to help and minister to the people of the Appalachian area. We are not going on a trip to take photos of ourselves, post photos onto social media or exploit the lifestyles of the people in the area. With that said, I am asking you not to take photos or tweet about what is done there. We will take a group photo while there for a reminder.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Steve Blackston



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2 responses to “Appalachian Trail Copper Basin Crisis Center Mission 2014”

  1. Teresa blount Avatar
    Teresa blount

    Sylas and Josiah also wants to go. thanks Steve

    1. MV 4:12 Ministries Avatar

      That is great! Please go to the link and sign them up so I will have a correct count.

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