Wow! What a day!! These kids are having a blast this year while learning about God. Today the theme has been that God rescues from captivity. They have learned how God rescues His people from captivity. In the book of Exodus they learned that His people were held captive for 430 years. They were beaten and persecuted at the hands of Egyptians rulers. Through reading Psalm 106 and 107 the kids learned that God saved His people, redeemed them, led them, satisfied them, and filled the hungry and thirsty.

We, like Israel, are often captives – not to Egypt, but to

our own sin and wickedness. Israel was physically held in bondage many times through her history, but this was only the symptom, not the cause. Israel’s real captivity lay in her rebellious, wicked, and unrepentant heart toward God. As with Israel, God is still in the business of rescuing His people from their captivity today!

Here are a few photos of what all was going on today! There will be more photos tomorrow night, so tune in for more from Anderson University at CentriKid Camp #4.

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Thanks for your prayers,
Children’s Pastor,
Steve Blackston

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