CentriKid 2014 is Coming!!! Are You Going?


It is time to start getting things ready for summer camp this year and I am excited to say that we are going to CentriKid 2014!! This will be our third year of attending a CentriKid camp and each year has been a blast! Here is a bit of what you can expect. CKbulletin

I will be having a meeting with parents of kids that are wanting to go to camp on January 19th right after the morning service in the chapel. I will cover the cost breakdown of camp, transportation, what to bring, the schedule, events, and other things.

So, if you are ready to get going, now is the time!


One response to “CentriKid 2014 is Coming!!! Are You Going?”

  1. Thiel, Tricia Avatar
    Thiel, Tricia

    I’ll be working on the 19th and unable to attend the meeting after the service.
    I definitely want Kady to attend.
    Please keep me posted via e-mail and/or phone calls and let me know what $$$$$ is needed and when you need it.

    Tricia Thiel

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