Movie Night ~ The Runner from Ravenshead

The Runner From Ravenshead

Movie for June 12!

Glorious! Hilarious! Creative! It’s Indiana Jones meets the redeemed Little Rascals! Join this all-child cast for a rollicking adventure filled with hair-breadth escapes, peril, and a message of hope.

After a daring escape from Ravenshead Prison, Sam finds herself in even worse trouble trying to outrun the relentless wardens. But help is on the way . . . kind of. Henry, janitor for the City of Refuge Guide Service, is unexpectedly thrust into the line of duty when all the trained guides are called out on other missions. As Henry sets out on his long-awaited first assignment, he encounters more adventure than he bargained for. Will enthusiastic but awkward Henry persuade Sam to trust him before it’s too late?  ~ taken from

We will be having popcorn and drinks!  The movie will be starting right at 6:50 so we can finish the movie at 8:10, so be on time!!

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